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How To... Create a Gift Card Holder (Number 3)

Ok, so I can't decide which type of Gift Card Holder I like.... This one is a bit more like a gift & can be customised for both Gift Cards & Tea Bags (see more about the Tea Bags at the end of this post).

This is another of my Picture Tutorials, so be warned it is a long post and features pictures for every step of instructions.

The inspiration for this originally came from a video posted on YouTube by Dawn Griffith for making a Tea Bag Holder, this was then adapted and after several trial versions I ended up with the version you see here.

To create this Gift Card Holder you will need 2 pieces of Card Stock & 1 piece of co-ordinating patterned paper.

The first piece of Card stock is cut at 23x7.5cm and the second at 8x6.5cm

The patterned paper is cut at 19x185cm

One you have the card & paper cut, put the smaller piece of card stock (8c6.5cm) to one side as it will be used later.

The first job it to score the card stock & patterned paper ready for folding.

Along the 23cm edge of the Card stock score down at 9.5cm, 10.5cm, 20.5cm & finally at 21.5cm.
Along the 19cm edge of the paper score down at 9cm & 10cm

Turn the paper round by 90 degrees and then score down at 7cm & 14cm

Fold each of the score lines on the Card Stock

Add Double Sided Tape to the 1cm tab (on the patterned side) and fold along the score lines, this will create a flat tube before you fold the score lines in the middle

Add a small strip of double sided tape between the centre folders of the card stock (make sure that you keep it to the middle and not more than 2cm in length)

Place the folded paper insert into the center of the card stock

Punch 2 holes between the center folders - If you put double sided tape along the length of the centre you would end up with a sticky whole punch

The tape is only to hold the insert in place while you secure it with either: Brads, Eyelets or Ribbon.  In this case I have used Ribbon, but Brads or eyelets both work just as well

Opps, this should have been done before I secured the insert, but I forgot - Using a 1.5 Inch circle punch, cut a semi-circle out of each end of the paper insert, this helps insert and remove the gift tag, gift card or tea bag

To hold the holder closed I used half of a Velcro circle.  It is down to personal preference which way you secure the holder. 

The short tab can either be secured on top of the front (as shown in my picture) or you could secure the front on top of the short tab.  The only difference is how much space you want for the front cover.

It is then down to you to decorate the front of the holder, this one was done for a Birthday and I used some of the patterned paper on the front of the holder as well

Here you see the inside of the holder, the final touch is to insert the smaller piece of card stock that you cut, this will form a card for you to write a message to the recipient of this gift.

Now you have finished the holder it is up to you what you want to put into the 2nd pocket.  My first design was to include a Tea Bag as gift - but I found that the dimensions given in Dawn's video did not work for British Tea Bags (the ones that come sealed in their own little package - like you get in hotels), so I took her idea and ended up with these measurements.

I took one of my prototypes with me to our Wednesday crop and showed it to the others to ask what they thought.  Sue F said that she though she had an idea and disappeared out of the room, when she returned she had with her a this poem...

On Christmas Day
at half past three,
Brew yourself a cup of tea,
And I'll think of you,
While you think of me
sitting by the Christmas Tree.

Sue had found the poem, but did not know what to do with it, other than putting it on the front of an envelope containing a tea bag.

In the end I created some of the holders for gift cards, but also used some to hold Tea Bags, I printed the poem, die cut it out and added it to the card insert.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a phone of these before I had to give them away.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you found this How To helpful.

Happy Crafting.

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