Friday, 30 September 2011

How To... Create a Gift Card Envelope

For this How To there are 2 different paper sizes, based on either a piece of 8x8" paper/card or A4/12x12" paper/card.  You just choose the sizes for the paper/card you want to use.

Here are your paper sizes for this project.
Score the paper at 4cm & then either 13.5cm or 14cm (depending on the paper size you have chosen).
Round the corners at the 4cm end.

Stick Double Sided Tap on the larger end, then fold up into the middle section.

Choose a Topper for the envelope (this will also allow the flap to stay closed) you will also need foam tape to secure the topper.

Stick the foam tape along the middle & bottom of the topper - ensure that you leave space at the top of the topper to allow the envelope flap to sit behind.
Once your topper is stuck on the front of the envelope you will be able to fold the envelope flap behind it.
It is your decision if you use plain paper which you can decorate or if you want to use patterned paper.

I Challenge Myself

The other day I found a pack of 3 square cards and decided to set myself a challenge, to create general 3 cards following the LiM idea.

I was surprised how quickly I was able to complete all 3 and I was even pleased with the results.

This card was created using 2 pre-printed elements and a stamp for the sentiment.
Another pre-printed element this time with a peel-off coloured black for the sentiment.
Finally a peel-off featuring a vase of flowers (coloured with ProMarkers) and a peel-off circle, finished with the sentiment from a Little Claire Design stamp (fixed using foam squares).

Thursday, 29 September 2011

A little bit less...

This week was a good one as far as my weight goes, I managed to lose 0.5lb... which is better than nothing.

At the moment I seem to be doing the Weight Watchers version of the Hokey Kokey... Put one pound on, take one pound off and so it goes on LOL.

Total Weight Loss: 28.5lb

Stamp Catalogue

As first seen on Deborah's Gems Blog, I borrowed her idea to create my own Stamp Catalogue. My Catalogue is nearly finished and I though that I would show my 'work so far' along with the way in which I store my Clear Stamps.

This is what 2 of the pages look like from my catalogue.  All images are stamped in Black Ink and the sets are separated by a blue line, each set is then labeled with the Make & where known the set name.

I have done the same sort of thing for the digital stamps, by using PowerPoint to show each image along with the description of either where the images are stored or the collection name & details.

All of my clear stamps are stored in A5 punched pockets.  I was given a box of A4 OHP sheets, so each sheet gets cut into half to create a front & back sheet.  If the stamps came with a reference image sheet this is stuck (using tape) onto one of the pieces of A5 OHP, the stamps are then put on the reverse side and the second piece of OHP is used as the backing.

My stamps are then stored in one of 2 ways, the ones I use the most are in one of two A5 ring binders on the shelf above my Craft Desk.

The rest of the stamps are stored in a A4 Really Useful Box, with a divider to create 2 areas.

My last job is to give each side of this box a name/number and number each of the ring binders.  Once this has been done I can then add the information to my catalogue of the location of each set of stamps.

All I need to remember to do is add each set (Clear & Digital) to the Catalogue when I get them, provided I remember to do that I will be able to find any stamp I want - I hope :)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

It's Wednesday

Once again it's Wednesday, so time to have a look at my desk along with the other WOYWW crew... which is still tidy (ish) LOL.

So what is going on... well although I still have not cleaned the 2 pairs of scissors I have now got the Sticky Stuff Remover on the desk.

I have a small pile of card waiting to have their photo taken and in progress at the moment are 'Gift Card Envelopes' the Blue Folder is my new 'Stamp Catalogue' which is nearly completed (I just need to print out copies of a few more digital stamps) - More details will follow about this project in the next few days.

Under the blue folder is a pile of 12x12 papers taken out of my 'Crop Bag' and ready to be put away in my 12x12 Really Useful Boxes - eventually.

Not included on the Craft Desk (as they are still on the floor downstairs) are my trusty ProMarkers and the sheets of digital stamps printed out to be coloured, I spent time yesterday afternoon watching TV while colouring.  If I get time I now need to print out more digital stamps or stamp some from my Stamp Catalogue ready for the next colouring session.

I think I will now go and clean my scissors - just because I can :)

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I just needed to sit down and quickly write an update about DH's Kidney Stone. 

For something so small it causes a lot of problems... Before the surgery DH & I spoke with the Consultant and he gave us a plan of action.  As DH had not had any contact from the hospital since being discharged (despite being told he would have an appointment within 1-2 weeks) he contacted them.

The plan has now changed, but nobody told us!!!!  On Monday I will be taking DH to one of the local hospitals for them to use Ultrasound to shatter his stone.  DH had a long chat with one of the Drs from urology last night who explained the procedure in detail.

On one hand it is good to know that something will be happening, on the other hand the whole process will not be a nice one, especially for DH.  Not surprisingly he is getting rather anxious about the whole procedure - in turn this is rubbing off onto me.

I am trying very hard to stay positive, but it is not always easy.  I  know that if I start thinking negatively, my anxiety could spiral out of control - and it has been so good lately.  DH needs me to be strong, but if my anxiety grips hold, I focus totally on me & me alone.  So I MUST remain positive, regardless how helpless I might feel and regardless of how anxious DH gets before/during Monday.

In the mean time I am asking for any spare Angels to help us both and thinking POSITIVE thoughts:
  • 'On Tuesday it will all be over'
  • 'I am a strong & loving person'
  • 'I won't let the anxiety drag me down'
Finally all I can say is.... Roll on Tuesday!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Christmas Envelope Book

Following the How To... create a Envelope Book I created I have now made a Christmas Envelope Book, this will be given in the place of a card... I just need to decide who to give it to :)

Front & Back pages

2nd & 3rd Pages

4th & 5th Pages

6th & 7th Pages
This book was created using 2 DL size envelopes, giving a mix of plain pages & pages with a 'Pocket'.  Over the next few months I hope to create more of these books.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

LiM (2)

The Less is More challenge this week is a Sketch...


I found this sketch quite easy to work with & so far I have created 2 cards.
This is my second card... I used a Embossing Folder with the Flower design (Free from Docrafts), using a lilac ink to give the flowers a slight colour.  This card was then finished with the 'Thinking of You' sentiment.

LiM (1)

The Less is More challenge this week is a Sketch...


I found this sketch quite easy to work with & so far I have created 2 cards.
This is my first card, using a square of Christmas Paper mounted on white card.  I then took by 'Berry Red' ProMarker to 'ink' the edge of the white card.  Using the 'Berry Red' ProMarker I then coloured a Gold Peel Off to match the colours on the Christmas Paper.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

2 More Dainsh Layouts

On Wednesday I went to our local Crop at The Craft Room and was able to complete 2 layouts.  Both date from March 2010, these will be added to my Holiday Scrapbook.

The Little Boy & Ice Cream were cut from the Cricut 'A Childs Year' cartridge.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Just 4 You

Here is a card I created to fit 2 challenges...

I Love Promarkers - Include a Number
Less is More - Anything Goes

The image is a Little Claire Designs Digital Stamp and I used my Cuttlebug to cut the ovals. The sentiment is raised using Pinflair Gel to give a bit of dimension.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Christmas Cards

Last week while DH was in hospital, I would get home each day and I needed to relax.  So I made a cup of tea and headed to my Craft Desk... I was amazed at the number of cards I created last week, so here are the Christmas Cards I created.

These 4 cards were created to a Sketch I saw on a Blog, 3 were created using just one peice of card stock cut into 3 sections, and the final 1 was created using a mix of 2 peices of card stock.  Each card then had a 'message' mounted using Pinflair.

At some point last year I brought a pack of 3 Christmas Decoupage papers for about 80p, now that I have found the answer for creating Decoupage (my fabulous Pinflair Gel) I made up the designs and added them to a card.  The tags came with the Decoupage papers and I added some co-ordinating ribbon.

Finally an Easel card, created from a 5x7inch card blank. Another simple but effective card.

Now DH is back home again, crafting time is limited to snatching a few minutes here and there.  However I have nearly finished my Stamp Catalogue and hope to bring some photos soon.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

LiM Anything Goes (3)

The topic this week is...

Now we are going for the 1000 submissions.
Anything CAS Goes
This week I have created 3 cards towards the 1,000 submissions - Here is the 3rd...

This card features a 'Boy Reading' from the 'A Childs Year' Cricut cartridge, the grass was created using a Green ProMarker.

LiM Anything Goes (2)

The topic this week is...

Now we are going for the 1000 submissions.
Anything CAS Goes
This week I have created 3 cards towards the 1,000 submissions. Here is the Second...

Created using the left over card cut on the Cricut the shape is the 'Tooth Fairy' from the 'A Childs Year' cartridge. I held the shape on the card and used chalk to colour the space.

LiM - Anything Goes (1)

The topic this week is...

Now we are going for the 1000 submissions.
Anything CAS Goes
This week I have created 3 cards towards the 1,000 submissions - All 3 are in this post with seperate submissions on the LiM post.
A 1 layer card created using stamps which came free with a magazine, coloured using ProMarkers.

WOYWW - 21 September 2011

It's Wednesday again... which means that it's Whats On Your Work Desk Wednesday.

This is my desk this week, again several things on the go... On the left is a small pile of A6 envelopes that I have made (I made 8 at the beginning of the week and now only a few are left).  My new Glass Cutting Matt takes up the main desk space, and to fit it on I had to have a move round.  On the left is the start of my latest project. 

I found a Blog Post (Deborah's Gems) about creating a Stamp Catalogue... I loved the idea so I have started stamping all of my stamps onto Copy Paper to create a catalogue.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Hospital Visits & Weight Loss

Things have moved slowly for DH in hospital this week, yesterday he had surgery for his Kidney Stones.  The good news is that the doctors have told him that he can come home today :)  The care that he has recieved on the Surgery Emergency Admission Unit has been fantastic.

On the weight loss side, I think that the exercises of walking to and from the car park to the ward has made a difference and I have lost 1.5lb this week (despite eating several McDonalds & Chinese take-aways)

Total weight loss = 29.5lb

Thursday, 15 September 2011

2 Cards for 2 Challenges

Today I have been able to complete 2 cards for 2 challenges...

The first card was for Ruby's Rainbow Challenge, the challenge this week is 'For the Girls'.  For the first time ever I opened my 'Bathtime' set of stamps from Woodware Craft Collection... what could be more Girly than a soak in the bath?
I don't know why but Blogger seems to think that this is the correct way up for this image!
Card number 2 was for the I Love Promarkers Challenge where the subject is Travel/Transport... now I have very few stamps which would fall into either, but I was able to find one set which would work.  Hobby Art has a set of stamps called 'Flypast', so I have used those to create an Aircraft themed card.
Blogger still does not want to let me turn this photo around !!!
I appologies if anyone suffers neck ache from looking at my pictures, on my computer they are the correct way up... but Blogger thinks it knows better.  If anyone knows how to turn them in Blogger please let me know.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

WOYWW - 14 September 2011

It's Wednesday again so it's time for Whats On Your Work Desk Wednesday...

There is quite a bit going on today... and not just on the craft desk - With DH still in hospital L I am only getting small amounts of time at home, and a smaller amount of time at my craft desk.

So on the table today is:
  • Left over cup of tea - I must really get round to taking it back downstairs!
  • Scissors that need cleaning
  • Stampin' Up catalogue & completed wish list J
  • Stamped images for colouring with ProMarkers
  • New bottle of the Pinflair Glaze - I just need to figure out how to use it (my first attempt look really bad L)
  • The 'Days Out' thing hanging from the light really needs to be moved - I had not really noticed it there until I looked at this picture (it started off as an Mini-Book idea years ago but got no further than the title!)
Off for a quick blog hop during my Lunch break... & back at the hospital after work L


Tuesday, 13 September 2011


I have just got back from the Hospital, DH will be staying for another night... he is currently waiting for a CT scan, but it looks like it won't get done until tomorrow.

I am just sitting and watching Create & Craft and having a giggle at Dean on the Tool Box program... When this is finished I will be heading to bed for a early night.

Tomorrow should be a better day as when the CT scan has been done we will have a better idea on what is happening and it will also confirm that DH does have a kidney stone. 

Little Angels

The Less is More challenge this week is...

So here is my entry...
So on your entry this week, we'd like to see TWO of something.

It is created using a set of Christmas Stamps I found the other day - I think that they were a magazine gift last year, but I have only just used them. They have been coloured using my trusty ProMarkers :)

I decided to feature 2 little Angels on my card as the Seeing Double element and added a Christmas sentiment to finish.

I think that I might try this card again, but I would put the Angels and sentiment in a different place on the card, I'm still not totally happy with the 1 layer concept and still like to move things around until they look ok, I don't get the chance to do this on a 1 layer card.

A card to make you smile...

With everything that happened yesterday (see my main Blog Posts from yesterday & this morning) I did not think that I would get chance to make any cards this week.

But I was up early this morning and decided to create a card for DH who was admitted to hospital last night... I don't think you can beat a card made with love to help someone heal.

So this is the card I created...

The image is another Little Claire Designs digi stamp, coloured using my ProMarkers.  The 2 wooden butterflies were from 'Craft for Occasions'.

A New Day...

Despite being alone in the house I did sleep very well, as an added bonus I did not sleep through the alarm this morning either :)

Looking back on what happened yesterday afternoon/evening something has just hit me - I did not suffer from the Anxiety and butterflies that I have in the past.  Yes, I was worried about DH and don't like to see him in pain (especially when I can't do anything about it!), but the butterflies did not make an appearance.

This is something which has been with me for so long that I did not really notice that they were not there yesterday - it is something that I realised this morning.

This is not only good news, it is GREAT news!!!!!!  I'm not going to analyse why there were not there but I will celebrate that they were missing - does that sound strange???? Well even if it does it sounds right to me!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Now it decides to work!!

The router is now working again, just when I was about to give up!

This evening has been stressful, I really don't like to see people in pain, and I could tell from the way in which DH was acting that he was in a lot of pain :(

After DH had been found a bed it was 10.20pm, on the way out of the hospital I visited the Chapel, once I had sat down and taken a deep breath I could then release my feelings... I just started to cry. This may seem like a strange reaction, but all of the while I was with DH I had to be strong and could not let my real emotions shown, if I had we would both have been crying like little babies.  Once on my own I could let down the shield and let the events catch up and react.

The tears did not last long and I was soon feeling better for releasing the anxiety and tension.  It was then that I realised that I had not had much to eat since arriving at A&E (Apple, Banana & Weight Watchers Bar) so decided to visit McDonalds - which is just around the corner from the Hospital.  While sat inside at McDonalds I just sat and read a number of blog posts from people I follow and tried to relax and chill.

I got to the point that I had finished my meal, but I did not want to go home, as I knew that the house would be empty... as I am sitting here now typing this I don't want to go to bed, as that too will be empty.  I don't know why I feel this way but when ever DH is away from home, I am reluctant to go home or to go to bed, after a couple of evenings on my own this is not a problem - it's just for the first few nights.

We  it is now 23:47 and its nearly tomorrow... so I really must go to bed, even if it is on my own. 

Tomorrow I will be phoning my Mum & MiL to update them on what has happened this evening.  As well as a phone call to the ward (after 10am) to find out what is happening.

Night, Night.

I need to write... But can't!

It is now 11.30pm and I really need to sit down and write about what has happened this evening... But I can't!!!!

Ok, starting at the beginning... I got home from work and had to take DH up to the local A&E. Back in 2008 he had his first kidney stone, followed by a second in 2009, now he is on a ward waiting to be assessed -but it looks as if he has a 3rd stone.

I got home at about 11pm, fed the kids and made a cuppa. I then sat at the computer to start writing... But it was not to be - at some point this evening we had a power cut and now the Router does not want to play!

So I have had to resort to typing this on my Blackberry keyboard (which is Ok for texts, but not for anything too long!).

It is now 11.30, and although I don't want to go to bed I know that I must - so I will send this now and add an update tomorrow.

Good night, sleep tight and mind the bed-bugs don't bite :)

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Work Place

Here is a picture of where I am working today...

It may look posh and complicated, but I am only learning part of the kit - which is just as well!

We are recording a number of scripts to be used in e-learning packages and in Podcasts for our staff web site.

It certainly beats being sat in the office at the computer!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

9/11 - Where was I?

At the moment there are many programs on TV about the 9/11 attack in America... this got me thinking - Where was I when this happened?

I remember that DH was away from home due to work committments, so I was home alone.  At the time I was working in an office in Lincoln as an Admin Assistant.  I don't know what time it was when news reached us in the office (I think it was about lunch time), but I know that one of the other offices had the radio on and when it was announced the news flew around the office like wildfire.

We all crowded around 1 of the desks and the person at that desk tried to view the BBC web site... this was the same thing that thousands of other people were also trying to do, we were never able to view the site at the internet ground to a halt.  When we heard that 1 plane had hit everyone thought that it was a tragic accident, then came the news that a 2nd plane had hit - someone in the office said they have already said that a plane hit, what are they talking about a 2nd one for?  It was not until several minutes later that we heard the news again and reallised that it was a 2nd plane!  Was this still an accident... probably not, but know body mentioned that this was an attack on America.

Not long after the 2nd plane had hit came reports of the 3rd and then 4th planes... we were all speachless.  I do remember that not much work was done that afternoon, we sat in the offices with radios and listened to the drama unfolding in America.

Once I got home I turned on the TV and it did not matter which TV station you watched they were all covering the horrors of what became known as 9/11.  I remember sitting in front of the TV just staring... not really believing what I was seeing. 

DH phoned during the evening and we spoke about what had happened, he could not believe it either. 

I don't really remember what my feelings were about the events, I could not believe it... the more I sat and watched the TV footage it began to sink in that this was no accident, and America was under attach.  How would that affect the UK, I had no idea>

In the following days more and more information started to emerge, I remember being horified about the loss of life and the effect that this event would have on thousands (if not millions) of people. 

I can not start to imagin how those people on the planes felt as they reaslised that they were going to die, or how the people in the buildings that were hit felt & reacted. 

On the 10th aviversary, my Thoughts & Prayers are with those who were effected by the events that took place on 11th September 2001.  My those people who did not survive the attacks Rest in Peace.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

10 Things...

As it is now the 10th of September and I have been thinking in advance I have put together a list of 10 Things...

This month I decided to feature my 10 Favourite Animals (Listed in no particular order)

1.  Owls – are you surprised, I thought not.  There are so many different species of Owls I could not pick just one. So this is for all owls.
2.  Elephants – While in South Africa we watched many elephant groups, they are such a social animal, in many way mirroring the Human way of life. I could quite happily sit and watch elephants all do, the babies do make me smile especially as they don’t have full control of their trunks until they are about 1 year old.

3.  Dogs – I have never owned a dog, but that does not stop me from being a BIG dog lover.  It does not matter what size or bred I just love dogs.  As we currently look after the owls having a dog is currently not possible, and with working full time I don’t think that it would be fair to the dog… but one day I will be a dog owner.
4.  Dolphins – Dolphins are a really special animal, I just don’t know what it is about them, but they are special.  While in Florida in 2004 we swam with dolphins at Discovery Cove and it was a day I will always remember.  In 2005 we visited Australia and had the opportunity to see a pod of wild dolphins!  Knowing that they were free to go where they wanted, when they wanted made our encounter extra special.

5.  Lions – Once again in Africa we saw many Lions, some were on private game reserves others out in the wild.  The sound of the lions roar is so powerful and I find it very moving – you don’t just hear it… you feel it in your chest.  We were lucky enough to see a pride of lions while they were resting in the heat of the day, included in the group was a mum and young cub.  As we watched the group drifted away… mum called to the cub and it behaved like any normal child – it ignored her LOL.  So mum walked over to the cub and picked it up in her mouth and walked off… I think that the majority of us in the vehicle had tears in our eyes. Just to see this powerful animal holding her cub so gently was AMAZING.
6.  Gibbons – I’m not sure why but Gibbons fascinate me.  Ever since hearing one on TV ‘sing’ (that is the only way I can describe their call) I fell in love.  While at Banham Zoo near Thetford we saw the Gibbons being fed, after the feeding was over 1 of the group started to ‘sing’.  For the next 20-30minutes I just stood and watched/listened to the whole group singing – if possible it sounded even better than on TV.
7.  Butterflies – There is just something so free about Butterflies, the way in which they flutter around the sky without a care in the world.  A splash of colour in a sometimes grey world.
8.  Snow Leopard – Another animal seen at Banham Zoo, it looked like a domestic cat on steroids.  The pair at Banham also had 3 young cubs with them (born in 2010).  I loved their enclosure and although you were safe you could get up close and if the cats co-operated you could even have a photo take with them… what you may not see is the layer of thick glass between me & the cat J

9.  Koala – While in Australia we had the chance to get up close with a Koala, they really do smell of eucalyptus!!!  The look so cuddly and cute but those claws can really do damage, particularly if the Koala is in a bad mood. 

10.  Manatee – The Manatee is a strange animal also known as the ‘Sea Cow’.  After seeing them up close I am not quite sure how sailors mistook them for mermaids – maybe it had something to do with the type of liquid sailors were drinking at the time.  While in Florida last year we had the opportunity to view Manatee’s in the wild and depending on the animals we may be able to swim with them.  We were luck, we found them and also got chance to be in the water with them… they are BIG animals.  We did not get too close (especially as the one we were with had a calf) but they were amazing and it was another experience I will never forget!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Where are you going???

When I read the I ♥ Promarkers challenge this week I sat and thought about it, and thought about it - until finally the penny dropped.  The challenge is:

Challenge #82 Metal embellishment or charm
First of all Charms are out as I don't have any... so that leaves Metal embellishments (thinking cap on!) I then reaslised the obvious answer - Brads!!!!

Why did it take so long to think of such a easy solution???

A few weeks ago I found an example in one of the Card Making Magazines (I can't remember which one L) of card that used maps from an out of date map book.  A couple of weeks ago I brough a new map book to keep in the car (my old was was dated 2009 - so I DID need a new one J) the old map book found its way up to my craft corner - just in case it could be recycled.

After colouring in a Little Claires Desigins Digital stamp of a car I used a peice of Map for a matt, along with 3 brads I have a finished card.

I was amazed at how simple it was to create as well as how go it looks.

Scrapbook Crop - Wed 7 Sept 2011

Despite not wanting to go this week, I did... and I was glad that I made the effort.

I did have a productive evening, added to lots of chatting, drinking tea and eating biscuits - all staple parts of a Scrapbook Crop LOL.

I completed 1 layout and got part way through another... but got slightly side tracked.

Here is the completed layout:

The Buried Church is in Denmark and the tower is the only visible part of the Church that remains today.
My second layout is about Free Ice Cream - the best sort... so I got out the Cricut and put in my 'A Child's Year' cartridge.  This cartridge is designed to cut images in one colour, I was using the boy holding an ice cream cone, but got slightly carried away and ended up using 2 sheets of 12x12 black card stock and cutting out many different images (all at 2.5 inches).  All I now need to do is to use them, but I am thinking about creating a selection of Stepper Cards or Envelope Books (the links will take you to my How To... posts) featuring the images.

As well as this I found a few bits in the shop that took my fancy, including 2 6x6"Templates from 'The Crafters Workshop' and a Cuttlebut 'Party' die.

The plan now is to have a play with the templates and see what I am able to create & to start thinking about what cards/books I could create.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

WOYWW - 7 September 2011

Once again it is Wednesday - so WOYWW???

Mine is not really my desk today... I decided that I needed to catch up on recorded TV Programs, so I am sat on the sofa in front of the TV this afternoon. 

On my lap are several pages of Little Claire Designs (Digital Stamps)

Beside me are my ProMarkers, along with my new Summer set which arrived today and my 'fine nibs' which I have not yet used.