Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I just needed to sit down and quickly write an update about DH's Kidney Stone. 

For something so small it causes a lot of problems... Before the surgery DH & I spoke with the Consultant and he gave us a plan of action.  As DH had not had any contact from the hospital since being discharged (despite being told he would have an appointment within 1-2 weeks) he contacted them.

The plan has now changed, but nobody told us!!!!  On Monday I will be taking DH to one of the local hospitals for them to use Ultrasound to shatter his stone.  DH had a long chat with one of the Drs from urology last night who explained the procedure in detail.

On one hand it is good to know that something will be happening, on the other hand the whole process will not be a nice one, especially for DH.  Not surprisingly he is getting rather anxious about the whole procedure - in turn this is rubbing off onto me.

I am trying very hard to stay positive, but it is not always easy.  I  know that if I start thinking negatively, my anxiety could spiral out of control - and it has been so good lately.  DH needs me to be strong, but if my anxiety grips hold, I focus totally on me & me alone.  So I MUST remain positive, regardless how helpless I might feel and regardless of how anxious DH gets before/during Monday.

In the mean time I am asking for any spare Angels to help us both and thinking POSITIVE thoughts:
  • 'On Tuesday it will all be over'
  • 'I am a strong & loving person'
  • 'I won't let the anxiety drag me down'
Finally all I can say is.... Roll on Tuesday!

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  1. Oh my. kidney stones are so excruciatingly painful! My DH suffers from them from time to time. The last time he had to have them shattered by laser too. Let me tell you, it was over so quickly and so painlessly. it was almost miraculous. He could not believe that the pain was gone instantaniously.
    I don't think you or DH need to worry about it too much. The nurse told him he got them because he did not drink enough fluids, she suggested he drinks more beer. LOL Like he needed any encouragement.
    Touch wood he has not had any problems since. Good luck, I will keep both of you in my prayers.