Friday, 30 September 2011

How To... Create a Gift Card Envelope

For this How To there are 2 different paper sizes, based on either a piece of 8x8" paper/card or A4/12x12" paper/card.  You just choose the sizes for the paper/card you want to use.

Here are your paper sizes for this project.
Score the paper at 4cm & then either 13.5cm or 14cm (depending on the paper size you have chosen).
Round the corners at the 4cm end.

Stick Double Sided Tap on the larger end, then fold up into the middle section.

Choose a Topper for the envelope (this will also allow the flap to stay closed) you will also need foam tape to secure the topper.

Stick the foam tape along the middle & bottom of the topper - ensure that you leave space at the top of the topper to allow the envelope flap to sit behind.
Once your topper is stuck on the front of the envelope you will be able to fold the envelope flap behind it.
It is your decision if you use plain paper which you can decorate or if you want to use patterned paper.


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