Wednesday, 14 September 2011

WOYWW - 14 September 2011

It's Wednesday again so it's time for Whats On Your Work Desk Wednesday...

There is quite a bit going on today... and not just on the craft desk - With DH still in hospital L I am only getting small amounts of time at home, and a smaller amount of time at my craft desk.

So on the table today is:
  • Left over cup of tea - I must really get round to taking it back downstairs!
  • Scissors that need cleaning
  • Stampin' Up catalogue & completed wish list J
  • Stamped images for colouring with ProMarkers
  • New bottle of the Pinflair Glaze - I just need to figure out how to use it (my first attempt look really bad L)
  • The 'Days Out' thing hanging from the light really needs to be moved - I had not really noticed it there until I looked at this picture (it started off as an Mini-Book idea years ago but got no further than the title!)
Off for a quick blog hop during my Lunch break... & back at the hospital after work L



  1. Lovely chaos on your desk.
    Happy WOYWW. Sandy #1

  2. I am one for leaving the half drunk cuppa on my desk too....and then bringing the second one only to realize the space is already taken by the first... busy work desk though.... hope you get all on your wish list x

  3. What a fab desk - with so many lovely projects. I see you have a Stampin Up Catalogue - nice!!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my Stamp Catalogues - they do take a while to make, but are so worth the effort. If I'm asked to make a card people can flick through to find an image/senitment they like! Enjoy - look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  4. Ooh, stamp at home, colour at hospital, I'm sure DH won't mind as long as you're company! Hope he's doing OK...strength to you - tearing bcak and forth really adds to the stress.

  5. Hope the prognosis for hubby is good and that he's home soon. Love the desk, those papers/cars on the left are really nice. Wish lists, lol, know all about them!

    Brenda 88