Friday, 2 September 2011

Weight Watchers Update & Visitors

During the last week it has been my birthday, followed the day after by DH birthday, added to that we visited my Mother-in-Law in Devon last weekend.  So although I was trying to be good it did not work completely.

Does this sound like a list of excuses... well it is, I put on 1lb last night.  When I explained the last week to our leader she said I did well to only put on 1lb!  So I felt a little bit better.

Total Weight Loss: 28lb

This weekend is going to be crazy... my Sister-in-Law, her husband & nephew (aged 4) arrive from Denmark today, we have had to clear out the spare room (for some reason they need a place to sleep LOL) which as meant I can't get to my craft desk :(

On Sunday we are due to take them down to the Lincolnshire Coast so that they can spend a week in our caravan.  Once we collect them  next weekend, they will travel down to Devon to visit MiL.

So here comes a busy weekend.

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