Thursday, 22 September 2011

Christmas Cards

Last week while DH was in hospital, I would get home each day and I needed to relax.  So I made a cup of tea and headed to my Craft Desk... I was amazed at the number of cards I created last week, so here are the Christmas Cards I created.

These 4 cards were created to a Sketch I saw on a Blog, 3 were created using just one peice of card stock cut into 3 sections, and the final 1 was created using a mix of 2 peices of card stock.  Each card then had a 'message' mounted using Pinflair.

At some point last year I brought a pack of 3 Christmas Decoupage papers for about 80p, now that I have found the answer for creating Decoupage (my fabulous Pinflair Gel) I made up the designs and added them to a card.  The tags came with the Decoupage papers and I added some co-ordinating ribbon.

Finally an Easel card, created from a 5x7inch card blank. Another simple but effective card.

Now DH is back home again, crafting time is limited to snatching a few minutes here and there.  However I have nearly finished my Stamp Catalogue and hope to bring some photos soon.

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