Thursday, 29 September 2011

Stamp Catalogue

As first seen on Deborah's Gems Blog, I borrowed her idea to create my own Stamp Catalogue. My Catalogue is nearly finished and I though that I would show my 'work so far' along with the way in which I store my Clear Stamps.

This is what 2 of the pages look like from my catalogue.  All images are stamped in Black Ink and the sets are separated by a blue line, each set is then labeled with the Make & where known the set name.

I have done the same sort of thing for the digital stamps, by using PowerPoint to show each image along with the description of either where the images are stored or the collection name & details.

All of my clear stamps are stored in A5 punched pockets.  I was given a box of A4 OHP sheets, so each sheet gets cut into half to create a front & back sheet.  If the stamps came with a reference image sheet this is stuck (using tape) onto one of the pieces of A5 OHP, the stamps are then put on the reverse side and the second piece of OHP is used as the backing.

My stamps are then stored in one of 2 ways, the ones I use the most are in one of two A5 ring binders on the shelf above my Craft Desk.

The rest of the stamps are stored in a A4 Really Useful Box, with a divider to create 2 areas.

My last job is to give each side of this box a name/number and number each of the ring binders.  Once this has been done I can then add the information to my catalogue of the location of each set of stamps.

All I need to remember to do is add each set (Clear & Digital) to the Catalogue when I get them, provided I remember to do that I will be able to find any stamp I want - I hope :)


  1. I love the stamp image album.It's a great idea,very organised!I need to follow your lead and get cracking on my own!

  2. What a fantastic Idea, Your Catalogue of stamps is coming along. Think I might get started one as I don't have many stamps at the moment but can see that changing in the near future lol loving my promarkers lol

  3. Such a good idea - I could do the same, but I never seem to get round to it!

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