Monday, 5 September 2011

Visitors, MINIs & Rain

Over this weekend we have been visited by DH’s sister, her husband & son.   DH & I do not have children and as our house is not ‘child proof’ we did wonder how things would look when a 4 year old nephew (known as ‘L’ in this post) had visited.
I must say that the house is still in one piece and DH & I are going back to work for a rest as it does not feel that we have had a weekend.
After arriving on the Ferry Friday lunchtime they drove up to our house, on the way they got caught in traffic following an incident on the A1 and were diverted through Peterborough.  Once they had arrive and the essentials unpacked from their car we headed to a local Fish & Chip Restaurant.
Saturday was non-stop, shopping in the morning, followed by playing football & golf on the local playing field.  After lunch we drove to the place our caravan is stored to collect it and take it back home.  ‘L’ helped to wash the caravan and in the process DH & BiL both got a bit wet!!!  ‘L’ however stayed remarkably dry!
The evening was rounded off with a meal at a local Chinese Buffet before heading home.   It never ceases to amaze me with the way in which children suddenly drop off to sleep... on the drive home we had been trying to keep ‘L’ awake, as we turn the last corner his eyes closed and he was gone! We could have been hit by a tornado and he would have still been asleep.  My BiL carried him into the house and managed to get him to wake up enough to get ready for bed, then he was out for the count again.
Sunday morning started in the same way that Saturday had, with ‘L’ joining DH & I in bed to watch cartoons (‘ThunderCats’ looks nothing like the way I remembered it from my childhood!!!).  Once everyone was up and about we all ate breakfast ‘L’ had ‘Pirate Toast’ – a picture will have to follow next week.
On my way back from the local post office to collect a morning paper I spotted a MINI which had an unusual ‘paint’ design… ‘L’ has a favourite car – MINIs, it does not matter if it is the old or new design but MINIs are the best car around.  My SiL had spotted this MINI and decided that this was going to be her Favourite MINI.

The morning was then spent getting the caravan ready to take to the ‘sea side’.  DH & I would take the caravan followed by SiL & Family in their car, once we had put up the awning and had everything set up we would leave them to their holiday.
At about 11am it started raining L not a good sign, all the way to the camp site we had rain L.  When we arrived at the site and found our pitch, guess what… it was raining.  We decided to shelter from the rain and see if it was going to stop.  After about 15 minute the rain did slow down and then stop J so we stated getting the awning out and put up.  Just as I was putting in the last 3 tent pegs it started to rain again!!!! Good timing or what J.
I just hope that they enjoy their holiday despite what looks to be a very wet week.

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