Monday, 12 September 2011

I need to write... But can't!

It is now 11.30pm and I really need to sit down and write about what has happened this evening... But I can't!!!!

Ok, starting at the beginning... I got home from work and had to take DH up to the local A&E. Back in 2008 he had his first kidney stone, followed by a second in 2009, now he is on a ward waiting to be assessed -but it looks as if he has a 3rd stone.

I got home at about 11pm, fed the kids and made a cuppa. I then sat at the computer to start writing... But it was not to be - at some point this evening we had a power cut and now the Router does not want to play!

So I have had to resort to typing this on my Blackberry keyboard (which is Ok for texts, but not for anything too long!).

It is now 11.30, and although I don't want to go to bed I know that I must - so I will send this now and add an update tomorrow.

Good night, sleep tight and mind the bed-bugs don't bite :)

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