Wednesday, 28 September 2011

It's Wednesday

Once again it's Wednesday, so time to have a look at my desk along with the other WOYWW crew... which is still tidy (ish) LOL.

So what is going on... well although I still have not cleaned the 2 pairs of scissors I have now got the Sticky Stuff Remover on the desk.

I have a small pile of card waiting to have their photo taken and in progress at the moment are 'Gift Card Envelopes' the Blue Folder is my new 'Stamp Catalogue' which is nearly completed (I just need to print out copies of a few more digital stamps) - More details will follow about this project in the next few days.

Under the blue folder is a pile of 12x12 papers taken out of my 'Crop Bag' and ready to be put away in my 12x12 Really Useful Boxes - eventually.

Not included on the Craft Desk (as they are still on the floor downstairs) are my trusty ProMarkers and the sheets of digital stamps printed out to be coloured, I spent time yesterday afternoon watching TV while colouring.  If I get time I now need to print out more digital stamps or stamp some from my Stamp Catalogue ready for the next colouring session.

I think I will now go and clean my scissors - just because I can :)

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Hi Helen, lot's of creative lovliness going on here! As you mention Promarkers I wondered which cardstock you are using? I'm struggling with Neenah card at the moment. Alot of girls seem to use it but it might be good with copics but no so good with Pros. I'd welcome some advice if you get chance the drop by. Hugs, Jo x

  2. wow, very tidy and organised, even if the stuff is not where it should be, it is on its way there...

  3. Looks very organised to me - personally I like to start with a tidy desk, even if I do keep going until it's a real mmess!!

  4. Hi! Just popping by to say I am having a giveaway and would love for you to enter! I will try and pop back later for a proper look but want to invite all the wonderful WOYWWers for a chance to win!
    xoxo Karen