Monday, 12 September 2011

Now it decides to work!!

The router is now working again, just when I was about to give up!

This evening has been stressful, I really don't like to see people in pain, and I could tell from the way in which DH was acting that he was in a lot of pain :(

After DH had been found a bed it was 10.20pm, on the way out of the hospital I visited the Chapel, once I had sat down and taken a deep breath I could then release my feelings... I just started to cry. This may seem like a strange reaction, but all of the while I was with DH I had to be strong and could not let my real emotions shown, if I had we would both have been crying like little babies.  Once on my own I could let down the shield and let the events catch up and react.

The tears did not last long and I was soon feeling better for releasing the anxiety and tension.  It was then that I realised that I had not had much to eat since arriving at A&E (Apple, Banana & Weight Watchers Bar) so decided to visit McDonalds - which is just around the corner from the Hospital.  While sat inside at McDonalds I just sat and read a number of blog posts from people I follow and tried to relax and chill.

I got to the point that I had finished my meal, but I did not want to go home, as I knew that the house would be empty... as I am sitting here now typing this I don't want to go to bed, as that too will be empty.  I don't know why I feel this way but when ever DH is away from home, I am reluctant to go home or to go to bed, after a couple of evenings on my own this is not a problem - it's just for the first few nights.

We  it is now 23:47 and its nearly tomorrow... so I really must go to bed, even if it is on my own. 

Tomorrow I will be phoning my Mum & MiL to update them on what has happened this evening.  As well as a phone call to the ward (after 10am) to find out what is happening.

Night, Night.

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