Sunday, 11 September 2011

9/11 - Where was I?

At the moment there are many programs on TV about the 9/11 attack in America... this got me thinking - Where was I when this happened?

I remember that DH was away from home due to work committments, so I was home alone.  At the time I was working in an office in Lincoln as an Admin Assistant.  I don't know what time it was when news reached us in the office (I think it was about lunch time), but I know that one of the other offices had the radio on and when it was announced the news flew around the office like wildfire.

We all crowded around 1 of the desks and the person at that desk tried to view the BBC web site... this was the same thing that thousands of other people were also trying to do, we were never able to view the site at the internet ground to a halt.  When we heard that 1 plane had hit everyone thought that it was a tragic accident, then came the news that a 2nd plane had hit - someone in the office said they have already said that a plane hit, what are they talking about a 2nd one for?  It was not until several minutes later that we heard the news again and reallised that it was a 2nd plane!  Was this still an accident... probably not, but know body mentioned that this was an attack on America.

Not long after the 2nd plane had hit came reports of the 3rd and then 4th planes... we were all speachless.  I do remember that not much work was done that afternoon, we sat in the offices with radios and listened to the drama unfolding in America.

Once I got home I turned on the TV and it did not matter which TV station you watched they were all covering the horrors of what became known as 9/11.  I remember sitting in front of the TV just staring... not really believing what I was seeing. 

DH phoned during the evening and we spoke about what had happened, he could not believe it either. 

I don't really remember what my feelings were about the events, I could not believe it... the more I sat and watched the TV footage it began to sink in that this was no accident, and America was under attach.  How would that affect the UK, I had no idea>

In the following days more and more information started to emerge, I remember being horified about the loss of life and the effect that this event would have on thousands (if not millions) of people. 

I can not start to imagin how those people on the planes felt as they reaslised that they were going to die, or how the people in the buildings that were hit felt & reacted. 

On the 10th aviversary, my Thoughts & Prayers are with those who were effected by the events that took place on 11th September 2001.  My those people who did not survive the attacks Rest in Peace.

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