Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Is it a coincidence?

I recently viewed a video posted by Peggy on the Create with Bubbe blog for using the Sizzix Diffusers with embossing folders to give either the effect of a embossed image with a frame missing or just the shape of the frame which has been embossed.

I think this is the best description for how the Diffusers work, however if in doubt have a look at Peggy's video - all will be explained.  My immediate thought was "I've got to have them!!!"

A few days after viewing this video I found another blog post, this time by Andy at Pinnacle Crafts.  This post shows you how to create your own Diffusers (Andy calls them 'Templates')!! 

That sounds better than buying them!  So this weekend in a few spare minutes I decided to give it a go and create my own 'Template' using the instructions from Pinnacle Crafts. 

Here are my results:

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  1. That is very clever. I will have to try it too. jenx