Monday, 2 July 2012

Me Silly...... Never!!!

Yesterday at the RAF Waddington Air Show I found on the RAF Association stand a trio of Plastic Ducks.  Now I know that after being busy working/watching the air show since Friday morning we were both going to need a bath to soak our sore muscles - so I bought a set (but DH did not know!).

In the evening after we had got home I went up to run the bath & managed to sneak up the bag containing the ducks (again without DH knowing!).  As I ran the bath I added the 3 new additions to our bath room, when DH arrived to jump in he laughed and call me Silly... ok maybe I am... just a bit.

When I told DH their names he laughed so hard & called me silly again.  So may I introduce you to Romeo, Alpha & Foxtrot...

It took a bit of persuasion but I was final able to get them to line up like good little ducks for a photo opportunity...

There are times you just have to be silly - we had a fantastic weekend & I surprised myself with some of the photos I took on Saturday.

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  1. Haha... you maybe silly... but it made DH smile..which is a good thing... we need to be happy at times ... brilliant idea..and they are so cute.... I have ducks too... but mine don't like water they like it on a