Friday, 24 June 2011

My Kids

Late last night before drifting off to sleep I was thinking about what to include next on my Blog... Do I talk about my anxiety or the Kids. Well the Kids won!

So this morning I am going to introduce you to my 'Kids' - our kids have feathers and live outside in aviaries

The youngest is Delta, he is a European Eagle owl who is now 11 years old...
Our middle child is Jumanji, an African Spotted Eagle Owl who is now 12 years old...

Our oldest child is Ufo (this stands for the Unidentifed Flying Owl) who is a British Little Owl and is now 15 years old...

DH & I have had all of the birds since they were young chicks and together we are a fundraising team for the Raptor Foundation in Cambridgeshire.

I guess over the life of this Blog you will get to hear & see more of our kids, this is just an introduction.


  1. Wowwwwwwwww you have owls they are beautiful :) they are amazing creatures I just love animals. :) look forward to hearing more about them :)

  2. Oh my they are beautiful. LOL I have to admit I tend to skip over pictures of peoples kids on blogs but yours I could look at all day, looking forward to hearing more about them and seeing more pictures.

  3. LOL I'll bet they are much better behaved than mine! they are BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Wow - how amazing. We are just in the process of building an owl box at the bottom of our garden. Now I know who to go to for advice!