Sunday, 26 June 2011

Nature is Wonderful

Last night DH & I went out for a meal, on the way home we decided to go via a little country lane by the River Witham used to walk dogs.  Rather than walking any dogs we were looking for Barn Owls as a friend had said that while dog walking they had regularly seen the owls in the area.

We did see a Barn Owl in the area by the River, but the light was too bad (and it was too far away) to get any photos.  There are several spots around the county that we occasionally vist to see Owls, in Lincolnshire the Barn Owl is the one we see the most.

I did however have my little camera in my hand bag and took the following pictures of the River & Lincoln Cathedral.
River Witham looking towards Lincoln
River Witham with Lincoln Cathedral
River Witham looking towards Bardney
There are some times when I look around me and I realise how beautiful our country really is.  Maybe next time we visit this spot the local Barn Owls agree to being photographed.

On the way home we saw another Barn Owl out hunting as well as Rabbits, a Hare and several Bats.


  1. Wonderful photos sounds like you had a good evening out :)

  2. Great photos, sounds like you had a lovely time.