Thursday, 30 June 2011

RAF Waddington Air Show

Well today is the start of the build-up for RAF Waddington Air Show. DH has taken all of the Kids to RAF Waddington to meet with a group of disabled children who are attending today.  He has taken his camera with him and I will add any photos later.

As for me I'm at work today, tomorrow is when things start for me.  For the last 13 years DH, myself and friends from Cambridge spend most of the weekend at Waddington.  We have a Charity Stand for the Raptor Foundation at the Air Show... for us (and the Birds) it is hard work.

This year things will be slightly different, our friends are not able to attend this year and the Charity is sending up other volunteers (who we don't know).  Unfortunately this unknown element has not helped my anxiety levels, although at the moment they are lower than I was expecting. 

I am getting the odd twinge but it is not too bad.  I am mainly getting what I call the ‘flutterbys’ (a tensing in my stomach) at this level I am able to cope with the anxiety and use diversion tactics.

Tomorrow (Friday) afternoon the team is due to arrive from Cambridge, we then will spend the afternoon getting set up and familiarising ourselves with the birds they bring up.  We try to get an early night, but this rarely happens!

On Saturday we arrive at Waddington for about 7am to get all of the birds out and the stand set up for the public, if we are able to leave site by 8pm we will be lucky.  All of the time in between is spent talking to public about the birds and the Charity.

By Sunday we are shattered and back at Waddington for about 7am.  From about 5pm we are able to start packing up, hopefully we will be off site by 8pm and heading home. 

As for Monday, DH has to go to work, but I will be at home recovering :)

I'm not sure if I will get chance to Blog during the weekend, if not I will try to catch up on Monday and add a few pictures.

If anyone reading this is due to attend the Air Show please come and find the stand and say 'Hello' we are going to be outside Hanger 2 - Just look for lots of Owls!

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