Friday, 10 August 2012

A bit of an update & a card...

You may have noticed that I have not been blogging very much recently, in fact it has been a struggle to even complete the "Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday" let a lone anything else.

Over the last month DH has been having problems with those pesky Kidney Stones & has had several hospital appointments. We though they had gone, then they came back. They did not respond to the lythotripsy as we hoped and we though that we would have to cancel a BIG holiday that is coming up soon to Africa.  However the Consultant has now said that it is safe for DH to travel and we will be going. I can't wait :)

Added to all this stress I have been really busy at work, and we have a new member to our team who I am also having to train - not that I am complaining, I like being busy.  However sometimes I just wish for a bit of breathing space. 

I have been continuing to make cards, but I don't seem to have the energy to think about working on any challenges at the moment.  I just sit at the desk and see what happens.

I have had just enough time to read the various blogs that I follow on my phone, but don't always get the time needed to add any comments - even if I wanted to my phone will only let me read posts and won't let me comment :( so I then have to remember to use the computer if I want to add any comments.

Ok, that is enough of me moaning... now for a card which features a different type embellishment (if you can call it that) :)

I'm not referring to the 2 owls, but the feather LOL.  
During the Spring & Summer our 2 owls molt so many feathers you would think that they would have any left.  Jumanji (the African Spotted Eagle Owl) has lovely grey feathers - the only problem is that as soon as they touch the floor she picks them up and shreds them into pieces!! However Delta (the European Eagle Owl) has the best feathers ever!! 

I brought this feather of Delta's into the house and it found it's way onto my Craft Desk, & I just had to use it on a card.

Once I had completed the card, I went out to Delta's aviary to look for more and here are another 8 feathers now sat on the desk waiting to see what inspiration hits.

Delta's feathers are fab, there are so many colours & textures each from different parts of his body.  Nature is truly amazing!
I'm now off to visit my Chiropractor to get by back straightened again.  I hope that I won't have to wait too long before I get the time to post again :)

Happy Crafting.

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