Friday, 31 August 2012

Month in Numbers - August 2012

As it is now the end of the month it is time to look back at August 2012, along with Julie over at the Notes on Paper Blog (If you want to view other Month In Numbers posts or find out how to take part take a look at Julie's blog).

65 Medals awarded to Team GB in the London 2012 Olympics. Team GB achieved:
29 Gold Medals
17 Sliver Medals
19 Bronze Medals

36 different sports were featured during the Olympics, from Archery to Wrestling.  Over the 16 days I watched a few of the medals being won, DH & I cheered on our sports men & women, we smiled with them and even cried with them – what an AMAZING Olympic Games

127 Stone fragments passed by DH in ONE day.  OUCH!!!

This was the best (or it could be seen as the worst) day during a 2 week period.  I guess the ultrasound has done it's job and shattered the stones!

7 Number of roses in flower at once, we have only 1 rose bush which normally as a couple of flowers, this year we have 21 buds and these 7 chose to flower at the same time.  The smell was heavenly.

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