Monday, 17 September 2012

Michael McIntyre - Showtime

Back in January this year I brought tickets to see Michael McIntyre at the NIA, Birmingham... finally after waiting 9 months we went to see him on Saturday evening :)

He was AMAZING!!!  There were two 50 minute sessions with totally new material, during which we hardly stopped laughing.  To be honest I was glad for the 30 minute break as after the first set my face hurt from laughing so much, it was nice just to relax.

Looking back over the evening DH & I tried to list all of the topics he covered but we could not remember all, however here is a few topics he covered (but don't worry I won't be spoiling it for anyone else yet to see him):
  • Olympics (inc Beach Vollyball)
  • The Royal Family (inc Jubilee celebrations)
  • Tennis
  • Red Carpet Event
  • Playing games with his sons
  • Tights & high heels
  • Dentist & hospital
  • Hotels
The list goes on... but I can't remember any more at the moment. 

We arrived early and were seated in Block 4.  We did not think we had a bad vew of the stage.

This picture was taken just before Michael came on stage (there were many anouncements to say recording or photos were not allowed)

When Michael came on the for encour many people started taking pictures... so I did too.
The only slight problem we had was leaving the NIA, we had parked in the South Car Park on level 13 (Ok maybe we should have expected problems!)  after getting to the car it took a further hour before the traffic started moving.  When it finally did it took only 8 minutes to get out of the car park.

After a stop on the way home for coffee (just to make sure DH kept awake) we arrived back home at 2.30am!!!  However it did give us a great excuse for a layin Sunday morning :)

During Sunday I visited the Amazon online shop and placed my pre-order for the Michael McIntyre 'Showtime' DVD (due out in November).  Although they did have cameras at the NIA we don't know if the DVD will feature just one venue or bits from a selection of them.

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