Thursday, 13 September 2012

Zentangle Cards

Following my workshop at LLinda's Card & Craft shop yesterday afternoon I can now say that I have attempted Zentangle drawing...  as to if I am any good, well I will leave you to decided what you think.

We started with a flower shape and practiced different designs on each section.

Next we moved onto using a Peel-Off as the basis of the design.  The flower & leaves were coloured and then the background filled with Zentangle designs.

Our next attempt was using a Stencil for the outline (I then divided mine into 4 smaller sections), the designs on this card were created using a white gel pen on black card.

Things then started to get complicated... using a Woodware Stamp for the image, I used both Red & Green pens to create the Zentangle designs.
The creation of these 3 cards and flower sample did take time and a lot of concentration.  I did find that if I did not take regular breaks to look away from the paper I did get 'cross eyed' LOL. 

At the time I was not too keen on any of the cards, however looking back at them today I do like the Flower Sample and the Vase.

I guess that at all times we are our own worst critique.  I do think I will give Zentangle designs another go, but I don't think that they will be big projects.

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  1. Hello Helen... well I have to say my fave it the last card the poppy looking one with the red and green... I would be very happy to receive it.
    And I am sure with practice you will get lots better... although they all look good from here..
    CLaire xx