Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Too Many Photos...

Is it possible to have too many photos???

I have started to look at the photos DH too while on our African Adventures (approx 2,000 photos in 14 days!) and decide which ones I want to print and use on my scrapbook pages.

After the last 2 Africa holidays in 2007 & 2009, I decided that I was not going to create a whole album for this trip.  I have however decided that I could not go without creating some pages, but I will be adding them to the back of the 2009 album.

What I have found is that after 2 trips to Africa to watch the wildlife, I have so many pages featuring many of the animals we also saw this trip.  So, this time I wanted to feature things that were different or unique to this trip.

I started this process the other day by looking through the pictures and writing a list of the animals or events I want to create pages about (along with the photo number).

I have now created a PowerPoint file and on each page I create a title and import the photos I want to use, this also gives me the chance to write any journaling.

Screen shot of one of the PowerPoint 'Slides' to be printed onto Photo paper (The font used is Lucida Calligraphy)

I can then take my A4 sheets and start to look for papers & embellishments to match each.

I would love to know how you go about scrapping your holidays or big events - do you plan ahead or just print out all the photos and have a pile left unused at the end????

Just before I sign off here are a couple of photos...

OK... I could not just choose a couple - I even had problems deciding on just 5!!!!! 

Happy Crafting :)

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