Saturday, 10 December 2011

10 Things... December 2010

The list that I had planned to do for this month is not yet finished - I'm still looking for the pictures I wanted to use. 

So that will be for next month, as for this month my 10 things are...

10 Things I’m Grateful For…

  1. My Parents – they helped make me who I am today
  2. DH – His love and support makes my world a happier place to be
  3. My Kids (Jumani & Delta) – Give so much pleasure to both me and so many others
  4. My Work – It gives me a reason for getting up each morning, but the fact that I enjoy my job is an added bonus
  5. My Health – I’m healthy and have no health problems
  6. My Anxiety – I am grateful that I have experienced the problems I have with anxiety, as it allows me to help others
  7. Our Home – I have a safe & secure roof over my head which keeps me warm & dry
  8. Holly & Ufo – The 2 birds who got DH & I together.  Both are now flying free in heaven, but despite the pain of losing them, I am grateful for the time that I had with them both
  9. My Friends – Over the years I have had many friends, some have come & gone, others remain.  Those friends have been there for me in the bad times and helped me celebrate in the good times.  After all “Friends are the family you choose for yourself”
  10. The Sea – If I need to chill out & really relax, all I need to do is imagine being on a beach with the waves lapping the shore


  1. This is a really beautiful 10 on 10. Thank you x

  2. What a wonderful grateful list. Love that you included anxiety and learned to take something so negative and make it positive!

  3. Such a thoughtful list, I think it's lovely even without the pictures.

  4. No photos needed, you explain each one so eloquently; it's a thought provoking list. Thank you.

  5. A truly wonderful TEN list and a beautiful heart attitude :)