Saturday, 31 December 2011

My Month in Numbers - December 2011

I have seen several other posts about Months in Numbers but did not really know where to start... then I found Julie Kirk's Month in Numbers Blog pages, which explained all.

After reading her 'Tutorial' I decided to have a go and see how I got on for December, initially it will be a list on my Blog. I thought that it would be a good way to remember what happend during the month using both words & pictures.

So here is...

December 2011 in Numbers

Our Advent Calendar (complete with Chocolates for each day)

24 Chocolates eaten from our advent calender

6 People attended our Christmas Meal, in our team 3 of us work in the Lincoln Office, we decided to all meet (with partners) for a meal out a Toby Carvery.  It does not happen very often but I even got my hairdresser to do something fancy with my hair for a change.  We all had a very enjoyable evening and it gave us all chance celebrate the year that was 2011.

5 Vertebra that were out of alignment when I visited my Chiropractor to sort out my aching back.

57 fence panels, gavel boards & posts. We had been talking for a while about replacing the fence around the back garden, this month we finally got it replaced.  Keith took down the old fence (which was well and truly rotten) and in its place put up a new fence (with 18 new panels).  It does look a lot better and we are pleased with the result.

14 Christmases DH & I have spent together as a couple, although we were apart for 1 Christmas we did celebrate Un-Christmas when DH returned.

12 people playing the 'Parcel Game' on 27th December. While visiting MiL with the majority of DH's family we all sat on the living room floor to play the 'Parcel Game'.  The idea is that you have a large number of small wrapped gifts (no more than £1 each) and 2 die.  All the players take it in turns to roll the die, when you get a 6 you take one of the gifts (if you roll a double 6 you take 2!).  Once all the gifts are gone someone sets a timer to count down - but only they know for how long.  This time when you throw the die if you get a 1 or 6 you get to choose a gift from someone else (or 2 gifts), this continues until the timer goes off.  You often find that one gift is the one everyone wants - this year it was shaped just like a Toblerone. Everyone then opens the gifts to find out what you won.  Once everyone has opened the gifts you are able to swap with others - So if for example you were a boy and received a make-up mirror, you would be able to swap it for something else :) Alternatively if you received a tin of soup you could swap it for a pen/pencil set. 

525 Miles travelled in 3 days (to Devon & back) to visit MiL and DH's family.  During the trip on the road we always have to count something (otherwise I have a tendency to fall asleep while DH drives!!) so during this trip it was Eddie Stobart lorries (21); Caravans (66); Sainsbury's Lorries (39) and 6 Broken Down Cars.


  1. Hi Helen - thanks for joining in with your first set of numbers - I'm really glad the tutorial tempted you to give it a go.

    And, with a tradition of counting things when you travel, this was made for you! [We try to find a company name on a van/lorry for each letter of the alphabet!]

    I look forward to reading more of your numbers this year.

    Happy New Year [I hope your back's feeling better].

    Julie :-)

    p.s: I've linked to this post in my origiinal one now.

  2. Helen

    I am a novice of blogging the month by numbers too and I've really enjoyed having a go.

    I love the "parcel game" - I think that is one I'll be saving for next year :-)

    Happy New Year


  3. I have just found Julie's Month in Numbers too and hope to join in next month.
    Your hair looked really pretty for the office 'do' and I like the idea of getting the family to count different vehicles on a long journey. As the grandchildren are small, I could get them to count by colour.
    Have a Happy New Year.