Wednesday, 2 May 2012

WOYWW - 02 May 2012

Now we have started in May I hope that all of the rain drys up and we are able to get some Spring weather - I really am fed up of the rain!!!!

Ok, back to the reason of this post, it is Wednesday and therefore time for a sneak peak at crafting desks everywhere.  So if you would like to join in you will be more than welcome, just pop and see Julia at Stamping Ground and add your post to 'Mr Linky'.  Or if you prefer, just be nosey and leave comments on the workdesks you see.

My desk this week looks as if a bomb has hit it...

but there is area reason... honest!

Yesterday afternoon I had an afternoon off work, using some Lieu time that I had built up.  I have decided that the Lieu time is going to be spent on doing things for me, so I booked a Craft Workshop :)

Over at Laneham, Notts you will find Llinda's Card & Craft shop and she does a great number of workshops covering a wide variety of papercraft & jewelry making.  So yesterday afternoon was "Working without templates  - Using Hougie board – Cards & Little gifts" (I also have a full day booked at the end of the month for "Creative Stamping - Men & Boys").

During the afternoon I created 3 cards and 1 gift as well as paper templates for 2 further cards.  All work was done using the Hougie Board and some die cuts.  But before everything got just dumped on the desk (I have not had time to put everything away yet!!!) I did take photos of what I had made.

So here goes (this bit is picture heavy!)...

The first card was done using a 'Trinitage' sheet, and a 'squeze card' - out of all of the cards we created this was my favourite & I really don't want to give this one away.  It was so simple to create and mega effective (so I brought a pack of 8 Trinitage sheets - I just HAD to!!!)
Looking from the front
Looking from above, so you can see the 3 layers (background & 2 front layers)
 The second card was what I think is called a Waterfall card, this one did not get decorated/finished during the workshop but will probably be used as a template.
Using Double Sided cardstock to get the contrast in pattern/plain colour
Next was a gift, a holder of the little packs of tissues you get to go in your handbag (although this would quickly get damaged in mine LOL
Very simple and effective!
 And finally we created a 3D window card, using a selection of white & patterned paper.  
From the outside the card folds flat to fit into the envelope - good new for the cost of postage LOL

When open the window section opens out and you see the patterned paper.  Before you say anything I know that my squares are not lined up, we used a square die and the Cuttlebug (when I do this again I would prefer to use a knife & ruler) - but you get the idea :)

Yesterday was a great day and I now have so many ideas buzzing around in my head - I really need to be sat at home at my craft desk and not at work - but never mind, I can still dream :)

Happy Wednesday - don't forget after lunch the week goes down hill LOL!


  1. Can understand why you had to buy 8 of them its awesome love the pic of the farmhouse in it how lovely. Sandy :) #109

  2. thank you for the peep around your crafting area this week
    Vicky #107
    ps could you let me know if you visit, I have visited you as I always visit (if possible) back everyone whom visits me.
    pps my candy is still open, 2 saturated canary digi's of your choice

  3. Wow, what can I say wow, amazing i love them all thanks for sharing.

    Eliza #19

  4. Gorgeous projects on your desk, they are all fab :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a lovely week, hugs, Karen xx #12

  5. Creative desk;-)
    Lovely card!
    Happy WOYWW Wednesday!

    Hugs Marleen #25

  6. Love those poppies and the farmhouse.
    Laura 100

  7. ...blimey you have been a busy girl and all in one afternoon look fabby always great to have me time...Mel :) #34

  8. No wonder your worktable is as it is. Love your cards and its so nice to read that you had some time for you. Tracey x ±90

  9. I thought your wonky window squares were just part of a whimsical window. I love that idea and that first card, the one with the Trinitage sheet--AWESOME! I totally understand why you had to buy more of those. I'm jealous of they great classes you got to take (and that you got to play!)

  10. You busy bee, these makes are Fabulous... so glad you enjoyed your time... Hugs May x x x#32

  11. Those cards are magnificent - what a lot of folds! Glad you enjoyed the workshop. Your workspace is showing so many signs of beautiful creativity - thanks for sharing - Hazel #10 x

  12. Thanks for visiting my workspace. Lucky you - would love to go to a Hougie Board workshop (use mine everyday, but need to get more adventurous with it). Ali x #170

  13. Lots of clever folded cards! Sorry for my late woyww visit, been away, and came back to no email and worse still , no blog! Have a crafty week!!


  14. Love your folded cards....super images. sorry if this is typed out twice but blogger keeps going to error!! Sorry for my late woyww visit too, I've been away, and came back to no email and worse still , no blog! Have a crafty week!!