Saturday, 16 June 2012

Cockpitfest Day 1

The Cockpitfest weekend has arrived!

Ok, first of all I can here you all asking what is Cockpitfest? It is a celebration of aviation history, as it is not always practicable to preserve the whole aircraft many people preserve just the Cockpit.

This weekend sees over 30 cockpits gathering at Newark Air Museum, Notts.

We attend with the owls as part of the 'family' attractions.

The weather for this weekend is forecast to be 'Unsettled' - so far this morning we have had rain & wind!!

I have attached a couple of photos of the kids (the feathered kind) & our stock table (with all the items I made this week).

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  1. What gorgeous pics of two Beautiful Owls.. I hope the rain stayed away for you all to enjoy the day... Hugs May x x x