Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Time for a quick break...

At lunch today I decided that I would go and take a quick walk, normally this would be around the housing estate behind where I work.  However today with the amazing weather I decided to walk the opposite direction and go onto Lincoln Common.

The Common is a large area of land between the A57 & Long Leys Road in Lincoln and after talking a shortcut I was on the common, just taking a couple of minutes to walk a short section and watch the wildlife as I walked (and keeping an eye out for the piles of horse poo!!). 

I took a couple of photos as I walked along, the only problem was that if I had my way I would not have gone back to the office.

Reminder to self: I really must remember to visit the common more often.  I should also keep a pair of flat shoes under my desk - heals do not work well on grass :)

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