Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Some Good News At Last

Yesterday saw DH back at Louth Hospital for another attempt at shattering his Kidney stone using lithotripsy.

This has been going on a long, long time and there did not seem to be an end in site, however yesterday the news was better :)

What we thought was 1 big stone, is now lots of little ones (the largest is 7mm!!) and the lithotripsy was to shatter the largest stone.  DH is now waiting for a CT appointment (as his stones don't show on x-ray) to show the result of the latest lithotripsy.

Provided the consultant is happy that the stones are small enough the stent can come out and life can get back to normal (big cheer!!!). 

Please keep your fingers crossed that the stone has been shattered & the stent is removed sorted sooner rather than later. 

However, while I was waiting for DH to be zapped (our name for the lithotripsy), I went and sat in the car and settled down with my trusty ProMarkers to colour away the time...

The centre console was just the right size to place by box of ProMarkers :)

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