Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pirates Treasure...

My Nephew ('L') loves Pirates, so when we knew that we would be visiting him, DH & I started to collect Pirate Treasure. In our world this was things like the Lego figures, small toys & Super Hero pants/socks, to 'L' this all equals Treasure.

His mum had told him that DH & I had found some Pirate Treasure and that we would be bringing it with us.  As the Treasure came from Pirates, I decided that I had to create a 'Treasure Hunt' just for 'L' :)

So I set to work creating something that I hoped he would find fun.  I found a set of Pirate Stamps created by Woodware and these formed the basis of the whole treasure hunt.  I punched out lots of white card circles using a 1 3/4" circle punch, I then stamped one of the pirate images from the stamp set onto the circle.  I finished each by using the Antique Linen distress ink around the edges of each circle.
The Pirate Discs were used to let 'L' know where to find a piece of treasure.

So when he found a Pirate Disc he knew that Treasure would be nearby (in this case under the cushion) ;)
However, the Pirates did not leave treasure every day... sometimes they left 'L' a task.  One day he found his drawing pad alongside a Pirate Disc...

On one of the pages the Pirates had left some pictures for him to colour, provided this was done they promised to return the next day to leave some more treasure.

Some of the images included in the Woodware stamp set :)

It really was nice to find that something so simple was able to keep 'L' entertained for quite a few hours during our visit.

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