Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Anxiety on the Loose

Over the past week DH has not been too well, after a visit to the Dr he was given antibiotics for a Bladder Infection.  They have now done a full set of tests (the problem still persists) and DH has now been told that it is not an infection. 

He needs to see a Dr to get more details - he now has an appointment for tomorrow at 11am.  In the mean time my anxiety has started to go crazy imagining the worst (as you do).  All he has been told at the moment is that the Dr will need to send a referral letter to the Hospital.  As you can imagine DH is now also thinking the worst as well!

I know that in reality there is probably a simple answer and it is only something minor... but my brain does not work that way and I can only think of the possible major causes.

When we know what is happening and causing the symptoms I will be able to cope, it is the not knowing which causes my anxiety levels to go out of control.  I have the flutterbyes as well as occasionally feeling sick. 

I think it is now time to get on with Stuff at work to take my mind away from all of the negative thoughts flying through my brain at the moment.

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