Thursday, 7 July 2011

Time to Chill Out

DH has now been to see the Dr, the outcome of which is a referral is to be sent to the Hospital & another blood test on Friday... the good news is that the Dr does not think that the problem is serious, however they are still worried - hence the referral.

Our main concern was that something was seriously wrong,  the Dr has put our minds at rest (slightly) and said to carry on life as normal and wait 2-3 weeks for a appointment from the Hospital.

As much as I hate the waiting and not knowing what is happening the fact that DH has not been admitted to Hospital now is partly reassuring.

So in the mean time, life goes on and hopefully the anxiety will chill out for a bit - I know that it will still appear from time to time until we get a definite answer on what is wrong.


  1. hope your hubby's appointment goes well and the results come through quickly x

  2. Hope your hubs is ok & you get the results quickly.