Thursday, 14 July 2011

How To... Create a Custom Envelope

Well this is my first ever How To... on this blog, Please feel free to leave any feedback & comments :)

Decide on a co-ordinating paper to match your card. It is up to you if you want to see the patten on the inside or outside of the envelope.

The aim is to create an envelope which is big enough for your card with a bit of extra room so you will need to ensure that your envelope paper is big enough to fold around the largest dimension of your card with a bit of room to spare.

Start by working out how much room you will need for the card and then score and fold the paper to create the 'bottom' of the envelope.

Decided where to score for a bottom fold
Fold the paper to create the bottom fold
Unfold the paper and then work out the width of the envelope - ensure that you leave at least 2cm (3/4 inch) each side of the card to allow extra space & side flaps.  Cut the envelope paper to the required width.

Next you need to work out where you want to create the side flaps, ensure that you leave a bit of extra space around the card.  Score and Fold each side of the card.

Next we will cut the envelope paper to create the Top Flap.  You should allow at least 2cm (3/4 inch) in addition to the area required for the card. (I fold the bottom of the envelop up and then measure the width of the top flap.)

Once you have cut the paper to the correct size you will need to fold the Top Flap - do not fold it up close to the top opening of the envelop, leave a slight gap.

When you unfold the envelope paper it should look something like this...

You will then need to cut away the sections shown in the image above.  The next step is optional, but I have found that it gives a cleaner envelope if you do...

Using a Corner Rounder round the corners of the envelope (Side Flaps & Top Flap)

The last task is to glue the Side Flaps, it is up to you what type of glue you use, I used a tape roller.

Fold the back of the envelope and stick it to the Side Flaps.

Well Done... You have now created your envelope to match your card.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, really well explained. :)