Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Am I Too Early...

I know that it is technically Wednesday, but I think I might be a bit too early for the What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday!

The reason I am posting this at 04.08AM - yes in the morning (other wise known as 'Silly O'Clock') is that I am wide awake after getting back from A&E.

I arrived at A&E at about 1.30am with DH, he has got all of the symptoms of another Kidney Stone (or maybe it is Sidney returning???).

He has now been taken on to the Surgical Emergency Assessment Unit and I have got home and plan to go to bed, as I have not really had much sleep.

Well that was the plan, however, I now find myself wide awake! Typical! I have made myself a cuppa and thought that I would just add this quick post before checking emails (and maybe doing a quick Blog Hop) I will then try and get some sleep.

As the famous saying goes 'I Will Be Back' - later to take a picture of my Workdesk.


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