Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Busy Weekend

This was due to be posted yesterday - but it did not appear...

This weekend has been a busy one, but I have not done any crafting. 

On Friday DH & I drove down to Longstanton, Cambridgeshire to attend a Heritage Society Meeting.  In September 2010 DH & a group of others were given the opportunity to help recover a crashed Lancaster from a remote area of Scotland.  After a weekend away they returned happy but knackered!!.

As a result of this, DH has developed a great interest in the history of this particular Lancaster and its history (and that of the crew of 7 men who all died in the crash).

DH did a talk to the Cambrdigeshire Family History Society at the end of last year, and he had been invited to the Longstanton Heritage Society to repeat the talk. 

It was a very enjoyable evening and those who attended the talk were very interested and found the talk DH gave very good, especially as he focused on the crew as well as the aircraft.

We then stayed with my Mum & Dad overnight, and spent some of saturday with them, returning home late Saturday evening.

As for Sunday... well it was spent doing the various jobs that need to be done each weekend, such as the washing, ironing and generally getting ready for work today.

I hope to get some time over the next couple of evenings to do some craft, providing that life & work don't get in the way too much.

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