Friday, 18 November 2011

What a Day!!

The good news is that on the whole today has been better than yesterday.

After a quick visit to the local NHS Walk-In Centre, I was booked in and seen in less time than it would have taken me to try and arrange to see my local GP... + 10 points for the NHS :)

Even better news, I don't have a throat infection, but do possibly have a virus, and antibiotics would do no good (more good news - so far so good).

I headed home to wait for a phone call from DH to say that he has been set free from hospital. At 10am he phoned to say that after he had an x-ray the Drs would give him the Ok to leave and completed all of the relevant paperwork (even more good news).

By 1pm DH had been to x-ray & had his picture taken and was waiting for the Drs to return to the ward to review his notes.

At 5pm DH gave me another call, the Drs had not returned to the ward to review his notes & do the paperwork.  Drugs that he should have been prescribed were not, and the pharmacy staff had finished for the day!!!  When I arrived on the ward at 6.20pm to visit & find out what was happening the Drs had gone home - this meant that DH could not go home!!

As I am sure you can imagine DH was not impressed (and neither was I!) -10 points for the NHS :(

The only thing we can do now is wait until the ward round tomorrow morning to find out if they will get the paperwork done tomorrow so he can come home.

It is now 11pm & I have spent the last 1.5 hours at my craft desk taking pictures for another 'How To...'.  Last night after getting back from the hospital I finally figured out how to create a Waterfall Card.  After watching a video tutorial on YouTube I have made a few tweaks and am going to create my own 'How To... Create a Waterfall Card' using plenty of pictures.

Now I have taken the pictures, all I have to do is put them on the computer and add the instructions, which will be a job for tomorrow morning.

The next bit of good news is that I am feeling better in myself and feeling more like me, even though my voice sounds very husky - DH calls it my 0898 voice :)

Once again my positive message at the end of today...

Tomorrow Will be a better day!

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