Saturday, 19 November 2011

How To... Create a Waterfall Card

I thought it was time for another How To, I don't know about you but I think Waterfall cards look great, in turn they also look so difficult to make.

After watching several different tutorials on YouTube (the best I found was on 'Dawn's Stamping Thoughts') I made a few tweaks and came up with this list of instructions for myself, I then did it all again adding pictures to each instruction. 

This will probably be a long post but that is due to the number of pictures and not because it is difficult to make a Waterfall Card.

The first thing to do is to cut the pieces of card you will need to create the Waterfall.

You will need:
White Card - 4.5cm x 4.5cm (4 pieces)
Dark Green Card - 5cm x 5cm (4 pieces)
Dark Green Card - 2cm x 10cm
Light Green Card - 5cm x 23cm

You then need to create the image to be shown on each of the Waterfall steps, for this I used a set of Christmas stamps and added a image to each of the White Card squares.

I then matted the White Card squares onto the Dark Green Card squares. This creates each of the images to be used as my Waterfall steps.

Take the long piece of Light Green Card and score at 5cm, 7cm, 9cm & 11 cm.

These measurements are based on having 4 steps to my Waterfall Card.

The width of 5cm can be changed to any width to suit the images you want to use for the Waterfall steps.

The height of the Waterfall step image you use should match the first point you score on this strip (My images are 5cm high, so my first score is at 5cm).  If your image is taller you will need to amend your score lines (leaving 2cm for each step), in addition you may need to shorten or lenghten the overall size of this piece of card.

Once scored fold both ways at each score line.

Fold the strip along the last score line, you will find that the un-scored section is slightly longer than the section that has been scored.

Put a piece of Double Sided Tape under the first score line.

The easiest way to build the Waterfall steps is to start at the bottom, so fix the Bottom step first.

Line the image up with the bottom of the score line.

Repeat the last steps for each of the Waterfall steps.
Turn the Waterfall over and add a strip of Double Sided Tape 1/2 way between the bottom section (at about 2-3cm).

Centre and stick the narrow strip of Dark Green Card to this tape.

This will create the 'edge' for your Waterfall to flow over.

Introduce the Waterfall to your Card blank, and decided where you want the Waterfall to be positioned.

To operate the Waterfall you need to pull on the back tab (the light green card you can see at the bottom of the waterfall) so this needs to either have a tail for people to pull or it needs to be at the bottom of the card.
Using either brads or eyelets secure the Waterfall to the Card using the wings either side of the Waterfall 'edge'.

Unfold the back of the Waterfall from behind the 'Edge'.

Using a circle punch create a cut out to allow the bottom of the waterfall to be pulled.

Feed the back of the Waterfall back behind the 'Edge'.

I completed my card by adding the words 'Pull Me' to the bottom tab & adding a Christmas Greeting.

Once you have grasped how simple a Waterfall card is to create you can start making them for all occasions.

This one uses Prima Flowers & Gems in place of the stamped images and I punched a whole and added some wool to the bottom tab to allow you to pull the Waterfall steps over the edge.

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