Monday, 19 March 2012

I've been AWOL - But I'm Back

Hi everyone

You may have noticed that I have not added any new posts for a week or two... I'm not too sure what happened by I was feeling a bit 'Flat' & felt that I was adding posts to Helen's World for the sake of it rather than because I had something to say or show.

I have also not touched my craft desk for a couple of weeks.

Work has also moved up a gear... over the last year we have been involved in big organisational changes to our team & company.  For a while things were very quite and I was wondering if I would even have enough work to keep me busy - I'm not one of these people that is able to look busy when I'm not!!

Now things have changed and got a log busier, I am finding work inspiring (I really do love my job!!) and I really do look forward to going into work each day.  I have recently started a project which is due to end in January 2013!!!  Now that is scary!!!!

Up to now I have had time to spare to write posts for my Blog, now I find that I have to pick my time wisely.

Well I had better quickly eat my lunch & get back to work :)

BTW I will be doing the draw for the Making Memories Creative Suite Software later & posting the winner tomorrow (as I have run out of time today).


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