Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What a Mad few Days...

I really do wish that things would not all happen at once... 

DH & I had a great weekend, however I did 'tweek' my back again! It is something that happens from time to time, but since I have found a great Chiropractor it gets sorted when it happens.  The strange thing is that I can't really pin point what I did to cause the problem, but basically my spine jumps out of alignment. 

Monday morning I phone my Chiropractor & now have an appointment for this morning (Wednesday).  The remainder of the day went OK, at lunch I was able to add a quick post to my blog saying that I was back after being AWOL.

Once DH got home the day went down hill, they do say that things happen in threes, so this is what happened on Monday Evening:

  1. DH had phoned the Garage repairing his car after our accident on 9th February, he has been told that we won't get the car back until next week at the earliest!  This is bad news as we are due to collect our Caravan on Saturday so that we can go on holiday for 1 week on Sunday!!!  DH has to phone back on Wednesday to find out if there is any way that they can complete the work before the weekend.
  2. I went to visit my Blog only to find that it was missing & Blogger said that it had been removed - I then started to panic!!!!  After putting posts on several forums it seemed as if Google/Blogger had removed by blog for some reason (I had received a couple of emails from Google to say that there had been suspicious activity on my emails - I was not sure if this had anything to do with the problem or not)
  3. Tuesday morning at 8:30am I had an appointment to have a filling replaced at the dentist, over the years I have got better but I really don't like the dentist - but then who does???
So when you add all of these things together you get a very annoyed (& anxious) Helen!!

Both DH & I were not feeling too happy - especially at the prospect of possibility of loosing our holiday :(

As I could not be bothered to cook, we decided that we needed junk food - so we visited Burger King and each had a big burger & chips.  It was not good for the diet, but it did taste good LOL.

After a very bad nights sleep - my brain just did not want to stop (what with the holiday/car; Missing Blog & dentist appointment).

This morning while getting ready I had a few minutes to spare before I had to leave to go to the dentist, so DH did a quick check the Internet. He then called me through into the Computer Room to look at something he had found on the web... My Blog had returned :)

I can only think that the 'Suspicious' activity on my email account had caused a problem with the Blogger site but it looks to be working again now :)

My appointment at the dentist went well & I now have a new filling :)

All that now has to happen is that the garage tells DH that his car is fixed and can come home (keep your fingers crossed).  I am trying to be positive as we have both been looking forward to going away for a while.

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  1. Hope you get the car sorted and get your time away - sounds like you need it :)