Thursday, 1 March 2012

Month in Numbers - February 2012

As it is now the end of the month it is time to look back at February 2012, along with Julie over at the Notes on Paper Blog...

4 Tickets brought for me & 3 friends to go to the NEC next month

1 Snow ball fight with our next door neighbours

2 Snowmen in the garden, this picture is of Mr Frosty the 2nd.  The Original Mr Frosty lived in Canada back in 2009, unfortunately for him he only lived 1 day :)

Mr Frosty the 2nd suffered various health problems but lived for 8 Days.

57 Eddie Stobart vehicle (Identified by name), this takes my standing in the Spotter League Table to 2380 :)

This picture of 'Wanda' was taken at our local Tesco store as it was making a delivery.  When I went to the Club Stobart site to register my spot there was no photo.  So I uploaded this one & it can now be seen on the members site!!

OK, I must confess, 34 were spotted on one day! Well... we were sat outside the Stobart Depot in Newark (it is only 30mins from home) LOL.

1.5 The number of miles we were away from our destination when we slid off the road.  Both DH & I were ok, so were the Kids who were also in the car as we were on our way to talk to a local WI Group.  But our CRV is now in the car hospital.

-14 the lowest temperature I encountered during this month, while driving down to Cambridge.

30 the difference between the lowest temperature this month (-14oC) and the highest (16oC)!  Our poor kids (the owls) are getting confused as they don't know if they should start to molt their feathers ready for Spring/Summer or keep them on just in case Winter returns again LOL!

2 Is also the number of visits to Local Libraries with the birds this month.  During each visit the libraries have seen an increase in numbers, which has been good for them.

This picture is of 'Story Time' with many children all sat around to read a selection of Owl themed stories (including Owl Babies).

31 more ProMarkers - I admit I did have to purchase the pack of Limited Edition Spring 2012 colours (and very nice they are too).  As for the ones pictured... well I did not really buy them... well sort of, in a round about way!!  When I brought the latest edition of Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine I found that they would GIVE them to me if I took out a subscription... well as I buy it each month anyway, and they were offering FREE ProMarkers.  Well what could I say!

On the flip side I had already got 3 sets (Summer, Winter & Skin Tones) so I will be hosing another Blog Candy shortly to give them a new home.

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  1. Hi Helen, thanks for joining in again.

    You're the second Month in Numbers blogger who's post has reminded me of the fact we had snow last month! Weather-wise we've come such a long way - glorious sunshine today.

    Good to hear it was only the car that got injured!

    I've pinned your post on the board now:

    Julie :-)