Friday, 23 March 2012

Shopping, Shopping & More Shopping

Today has been spent walking around the Hobbycraft show at the NEC. Four of us went up in one car and spent the day shopping.

I have just got back home and DH asked what I had brought... so I did show him and laid out my goodies on the floor to take a picture.  However my computer does not want to connect to my camera :( so I will have to upload the picture later.

We had a great day and I was able to get most of the items on my shopping list - and a few bits that weren't anywhere near my shopping list LOL.  I was very good and did not go too silly and even have £10 left in my purse :)

Due to commitments this weekend & next week I won't be able to unpack my new goodies or have a play just yet.  I guess that when I do get chance to unpack my bags I will get a fresh surprise, as I am sure to have forgotten some of what I brought.

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