Thursday, 5 January 2012

How I See Me

This title made sense to me when I was writing this post, it is all about how I feel about me when I looked at a photo taken during 2010.

Taken at the Race for Life at RAF Waddington on 23 May 2010
Wednesday evening I was at the local Crop in Lincoln and I had put into my bag a number of photos to be scrapped for my 'Book of Me'.  This was one of a group of photos taken at the Race for Life event in 2010. 

My first thought when I saw this photo was 'Boy, do I look fat!'  My second thought was 'I did achieve my aim of completing the 5km course in under 1 hour'.

Last January I made the decision that I did not like the way I looked, and when I had to buy a dress in a size 20 I was mortified!!!!! 

Since January 2011 I have lost about 2 stone in weight (unfortunately I did put a bit of weight on over Christmas/New Year). I still want to loose a bit more weight and want to achieve that during 2012.

One big difference I have noticed about myself since I started loosing weight is my confidence.  Instead of hiding away and trying not to be noticed, I now find myself standing tall and proud.  I like the way my body is currently shaped - but want to be a bit slimmer.

This photo is a reminder about how I looked and will help me continue to loose more weight until I reach my goal.  I will continue to go to my Weight Watchers Meetings each week and track my progress.

Comment from DH:  I still love you

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  1. Good for you, for your weight loss and for your speedy 5K. You must be fit and it's great that you like the way you look. All the best for your next progress step.