Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Month in Numbers - January 2012

Over on the Notes on Paper blog you will find the 'Month In Numbers' challenge, to document each month based on various numbers.

So for January 2012, my Month in Numbers is...

1,000's the number of pieces DH Kidney stone was smashed into when he had surgery at the beginning of the month - Thank you to all those who have posted good wishes for his recovery, he is doing very well and recovering nicely :)

6 lbs of weight put on over Christmas & New Year.  Now the work starts to loose the weight again

7 years since Holly, my first Barn Owl, died. She was 11 years old & like Ufo (read about Ufo here)she had her own personality, however in many ways Holly was the complete opposite.  Holly was very reserved and her relationship with us was very much on her terms. 

She came into my care when she was about 2 years old, she had been released into the wild by her previous owner (who was never found), we also know that she had been mistreated and suffered a broken hip which was never treated by a vet! 

Over time & with much love and kindness Holly trusted me (and later my DH) and allowed us into her life. 

16 New Stamps: During this month I have brought 1 Tatty Button stamp and 15 Lili of the Valley (although 12 of the Lili of the Valley stamps were in one pack).

47 People who attended the Cambridgeshire Family History Society Computer Group Meeting in January to listen to both DH & myself - DH was covering 'What is a Computer?' as part of the new Back to Basics series of talks. My talk was 'Explaining Blogs' and it went down very well - So a Big Hello to anyone from CFHS

10 Eddie Stobart vehicles that I have been able to identify by name - taking me to Number 3400 in the Spotters League Table!!  I know it is slightly sad LOL, but it is also fun :-)

6 1/2 lbs of weight I have lost this month.  I am so pleased that I have been able to loose all of the weight that I put on over Christmas/New Year, I can now start working towards my next 'Sliver Seven' :-)

8 Snowdrops in the Garden.  When we had the fence replaced last month I was afraid that my Snowdrop bulbs might have been disturbed.  Over the years I have put so many Snowdrop bulbs into the garden, but they only ever grow in one little corner (right by the fence!!)  However they have now burst into flower. I only ever would get a single flower, but the bunch has slowly got bigger over the last few years.


  1. Fantastic month in numbers and well done on the weight loss! I am aiming for my first silver 7 this friday's weigh in. Good luck! X

  2. Hi Helen thanks for joining in again.

    Such a beautiful photo and story about you + Holly.

    As for the Eddie Stobart thing - I think I might enjoy that too - I like ticking things off lists!

    You're poinned to the Pinterest board now:

    Julie :-)

  3. A really interesting and diverse list and some lovely photos too.
    Hope the snowdrops survive the frost.

  4. ooh a number of interesting things numbered here - off to Google the Eddie Stobart thing, and Silver Seven - well done though and what a beautiful owl!

  5. Congrats on the weight loss! Glad I stopped by to read your Month in Numbers :)

  6. Great weight loss! Fab Month in Numbers :)