Monday, 3 October 2011

All about 'Sidney'

DH & I have been at the hospital today for the 1st appointment to have his stone shattered by Ultrasound (otherwise known as Lithotripsy) the stone is 7.8mm in size and we have seen it on the CT scan they did a couple of weeks ago.

Just because we could we have named the stone 'Sidney', I don't know if anyone else remembers a character calls 'Sidney the Kidney' - at least I think that was what he was called.  I think it was something to do with kidney transplant or fundraising.

Despite being at the hospital all day it was not too bad & DH is feeling a bit sore but not to bad.  On the down side we were due to go to France on a holiday on Sunday... but the consultant has advised us not to travel :(  So tomorrow will be spend making phone calls to cancel our accommodation & ferry booking.

Even though the holiday has been cancelled this will give DH the best chance to get better and he is booked into the hospital again at the end of the month for more treatment to shatter 'Sidney'.

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  1. Love the name, hope your hubby has a speedy recovery and your able to make it on your holiday to France soon :)