Thursday, 20 October 2011

I've Missed WOYWW :(

For the first time since I found the Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday I missed it :(

What was I thinking!!!  Yesterday was a busy day at work and as soon as I got home things just had to be done (including the pairing of black socks that I had been putting off... and off).

I then had time to find some papers to take with me to the Crop last night.  It was a very good evening with 6 of us attending.  I only completed 1 page (the last from our holiday in Denmark in March 2010) but I was happy with it.

As for the rest of the evening it was spent talking, talking and there was also a bit of planning involved as well.  I have printed a number of photos of our nephew when the family visited us in September, as the photos will go to create pages in his own 12x12 album any text needs to be in both English & Danish.  I have now worked out a numer of titles & what the jounalling is going to say... all I need now is the Danish translations :)

I have also finally finished 3 cards for the Little Claire Monthly Challange and will hopefully get them added by the weekend.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the Little Claire stamps being made into cards! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Don't worry about missing the Wednesday. I have come to the conclusion that there are now two Wednesdays in each month. I find that Google translate is my first port of call when I want to write in a foreign language. It seems reasonably accurate on what I have done so far and puts all the accents in too, saves a lot of hunting round the insert accents menu. Glad you enjoyed your crop evening.

  3. I often miss the gathering on a wednesday ...the weeks seem so short ...and life just gets in the way. take care ...look forward to seeing your work.

  4. Bridget #28 I missed one week since I started 2 weeks ago, so you're not alone, as long as you put your link up we will finally find it lol after 6 days tee hee, see you tomorrow on WOYWW dont forget!!