Thursday, 6 October 2011

How To... Get your Die Cuts out of the Marianne Creatable Dies

Ok, hands up if you have any Marianne Creatable dies that you don't use because you can't get the paper out when you have used them...  Up to today my hand would have gone up as well.

I was given a tip last night at the crop by a friend (who was told by his friend) that seems to work.  I  have just tried it and guess what? It works!!!!!!

So here goes, these pictures are of my little Cuttlebug, but it should work regardless on the machine you use to cut the dies.

Before we use the die I will show you  how I prepared it...

First I took my glue pen and added a bit of glue around the
fancy edges of the design (I found that this worked best)
Now lay a piece of Non-Stick Baking Paper over the die
Add a piece of scrap card stock and then add the top plate
and run through the machine.
You should then have your die (complete with Baking
Paper insert) and the die cut.
I repeated the same steps with all of my Marianne Creatable dies
All of the die cuts came free from the die without any problems.
I hope that this How To has been helpful and gives you the confidence to use your dies again.


  1. ooooh that is brilliant!!!

  2. Now that looks like a very clever tip! I haven't got any of the Marianne dies yet but they are definitely on my "want list" so I shall keep this technique in mind for the future! :)

  3. Great tip!I've been put off getting these dies because of what people have said about getting the paper out but I might be tempted now!

  4. Hi Helen,
    great tip! I'll give it a try.
    Thanks for entering my Promarker'll need to add yourself as a follower to be included, Ruth :)

  5. great idea will have to invest in some baking paper