Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Lost... My Mojo

Over the last week or so my Mojo has been missing...

Last weekend DH & I visited Milton Keynes for 2 nights and on Saturday we had a great day at Bletchley Park.  I am not going to say too much more as I plan to create November's list of '10 Things' about Bletchley Park.

However it is worth a visit (or two), we did find that 1 day was not enough, so we will be visiting again.

The weekend away seems to have enabled me to find my Mojo again... I just hope that it does not decide to vanish again! 

I actually sat down at the craft table last night and worked on a Christmas Envelope Book and completed another Calendar Easel (to be given as a Christmas Present).  I'm not sure if I will get chance to create/upload photos for my usual card challenges, but I will try.

Sometimes life does get in the way of crafting - I really hate it when that happens :)  I'm off to hope over to a few blogs in my lunch break, work will then be calling.

TTFN & Happy Crafting

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  1. You are doing well, I lost my mojo for 2 years, not good but so glad I have finally found it again hiding amongst my untidy desk lol