Friday, 28 October 2011

Weight Loss & ProMarkers

What a combination :)

Weight Loss
I wanted to mention my progress with losing weight... after losing a bit, putting a bit back on for the last 2 months I think I am now back on track to losing and losing.  For the last 2 weeks I have lost weight (which is great news).

I have known for a while that the key to my weight loss (for me) is exercise, no exercise = no weight loss - however even though I knew this I did not do anything, it was just too hard.  I'm not sure what changed but I decided that I really do want to lose more weight, and to do so would mean doing something!

So, at least 2-3 times a week I have started to take a walk at lunch time, it was something that I was doing occasionally (when I could be bothered!) but I am now trying to make it part of my work day.  As I spend the majority of work time looking at a computer screen, it also means that I give my eyes a break too.  Sometimes it is just me that goes for a walk, but quite often it is our little team of 3 that put on coats and head out into the cold.  The big advantage is that the building feels like a sauna when we return LOL.

The total amount I have lost so far (since January 2011) is.....


No onto my second topic for this post, I do love my ProMarkers - just in case you did not know, but I do find them frustrating at times.

When I comes to colouring I find it relaxing, and will often sit on the floor and colour while watching TV (well listening really).  I am now able to get a consistent flat layer of colour when I want, and can produce shading by adding more layers of colour.  But... when it comes to blending different colours together I get mixed results. 

Sometimes it goes ok, but most of the time I get a blotchy mess, which is really annoying when you have coloured the whole image in and you are on the last bit!!!!! 

I have watched several tutorials on line and I get the idea, I really do, but I just won't work for me and I don't know what I am doing wrong.  I start with the light shade and get darker, using the light shade to blend the colours as I go.

Next time it happens, I will take a photo of the resulting mess and post it here for comments. 

OK, I have now stopped moaning about my ProMarkers, but I did want to include I picture on this post... This is a Digi Stamp from Little Claire Designs which I printed and then coloured (I don't need to say with what do I???)  however I have fallen in love with this image and really, really love the coloured version.

All I need to do now is decide how to use it!

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