Friday, 10 February 2012

10 Things - February 2012

Once again it is the 10th of the Month and time to join

1.   "Annie's Song" - Recorded & Written by John Denver Annie's Song reached Number 1 in the UK Chart in 1974.  I have always loved the lyrics to this song and although many artists have recorded it over the years I still like the original version.

2.    "Grandad" - Written by Herbie Flowers & sung by Clive Dunn, this song was another UK Number 1 in January 1971 (for 3 weeks!).  At Primary school I was in the school choir and one of the songs I really remember was Grandad, this was performed for the local Over 60's group.  I felt so proud standing on stage singing this song to My Grandad!

3.    "Do They Know It's Christmas?" was a Number 1 hit in 1984.  The song was written by Bob Geldof & Midge Ure to raise money for the famine in Ethiopia.  I can vividly remember this record being released and on the last day of school term before Christmas we had it playing & we were all singing & dancing, some of the class even started dancing on the tables!!!!!

4.    "What a Wonderful World" - Written by Bob Thiele & George David Weiss, this song has been recorded many times by different artists. However I think that the best version was the 1st recorded by Louis Armstong in 1968.  When DH & were organising our wedding we decided to get married in a Registry Office rather than a Church, we were given a list of songs to be played as I walked in & as we left as Husband & Wife.  As I was entering we remained traditional (Here Comes The Bride) but we wanted something different/meaningful for when we left.  The list of possible records was a long one, however we both quickly decided that 'What a Wonderful World' sung by Louis Armstong was the one!  This became 'Our Song' :-)

5. "I Have A Dream" was released by the amazing ABBA (written by Benny Andersson & Bjorn Ulvaeus) in 1979 but only reached Number 2 in the UK Charts.  DH & I have been to see Mamma Mia! the musical 3 times (and would go again today if we could!!), I love the songs created/performed by ABBA, but 'I Have A Dream is my favourite.  Part of this is because 'I believe in Angels' :)

I could not find the pictures with the 'Flower'
 but here is Artemis
6.    "I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair)" was the title of Sandi Thom's debut single in 2006.  When this single first came out it was on the radio all of the time, back in 2006 we had a baby Barn Owl called Artemis.  One day we were sitting outside in the garden with her enjoying the sun & playing, somehow she ended up with a Flower on her head... from this point on when ever we hear this song it is know as 'Artemis's Song'. 

You didn't really think I would be able to list 10 songs with out one of the owls making an appearance did you!!

Bruno on stage at Nottingham
7.  "The Lazy Song" was the song that introduced me to Bruno Mars, this was his 4th Number 1 in the UK.  I don't really know what it is about the song but it is just so catchy, I just can't help singing along & the video is guaranteed to make me smile.  After seeing Bruno in concert in November 2011, I love it even more & it is even the ring tone on my phone - the only problem I that I sometimes forget to answer the call LOL.

8.    "The Chain" was written & performed by Fleetwood Mac, but it never made it above Number 81 in the UK Charts.  Being a Formula 1 fan, this track has been used between 1978 - 1997 & then again from 2009 as part of the title sequence. The sound of 'The Chain' has been enough to send me heading towards the TV to settle down and watch the race - which is always improved when a British Driver wins :)

9.   "Suicide Is Painless" - was the title track of M*A*S*H & the lyrics were written by a 14 year old Mike Altman. I love the M*A*S*H series & DH has brought me all 11 seasons on DVD (but I have yet to watch all of them!). It is hard to think that it was in production between 1972 & 1983 with a total of 251 episodes, when the Vietnam War (the subject of the whole programme) only lasted 3 years.

10.    "Lift the Wings" from the Riverdance Shows.  Since 'Riverdance: The Show' opened in 1995 this song has been sung by many performers.  I would love to see the Riverdance show at some time, the rhythm of the dancers feet along with the music & song never fails to get my feet tapping.  The lyrics of this song are all about returning to a loved one, at a time when DH was away from home a lot due to his work commitments this song seemed even more special.



  1. Wonderful mix of songs. thanks for sharing x

  2. That's a very diverse list of songs. DTKIC and Feed the World always take me back to school days. We loved watching the videos and seeing how many singers/bands we could name!

  3. A great selection of songs that you have chosen for your list and I just adore the Owl photo, Luv Karen xx

  4. Great list of songs...some were a "blast from the past" but I'm an old duck.