Sunday, 5 February 2012

All my own work

With all of the snow overnight we decided to each clear different areas of snow.
DH did the front & cars, while I did the path to the Kids aviaries.

While clearing the snow I was thinking and realised the this was the first time that I could remember ever clearing a path of snow before.

In addition I just had to make a snowman (well 2, but only one got finished!)...   So Mr Frosty the 2nd was born (today - 05/02/12 at 11:30), I will try and keep you up to date on his progress :)
Mr Frosty the 2nd


  1. You're bave - I've not even ventured outside the front or back doors today!

  2. Gosh Helen, my nose did'nt go over the front door today you clever girl, lovin mr frosty, Hugs May x x x x